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Chairman´s Message

"Anybody can teach to a bright student, to a good learner. But, the problem lies with the slow learner. Our prime motto is to transform the slow learner as a good learner". These are the words of my beloved brother, my teacher, guide, philosopher and what not. He is none other than Sri Aluri Butchaiah Chowdary (ABC school founder) alias Butchaiah Mastaru. He is known to all by his hard work.


We always believe in his philosophy and we have been following the same all these years. In my view work is divine which should not be neglected at any point of time.One should be punctual, dedicated, regular and sincere. With these four qualities any one can get perfection in the work he / she perform in education.The main duty of the teacher is to mould the student as a responsible citizen.It is possible when the teacher has lot of sincerity and dedication. This is where we were succeeded in.


I personally believe this philosophy and I puton my efforts in making my students the brightest in all aspects.




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