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Swarna Bharathi Educational Institutions

Swarna Bharathi Educational Institution established in the year 1998 from classes L.K.G. to 10th class. The school started with the aim providing education to all people in order to keep the education in the reach to all categories.


The school started only with 110 students. With the co-operation of parents who have trust in our system, we were able to open Swarna Bharathi Smart School in Yanamalakuduru Road in 2003 for classes L.K.G. to X. Today we have become strong leading with 1400 students in both the campuses.


From this academic year 2015 XSEED Education program has been implemented till class 5. This program nurtures and helps all the students to strengthen there basics in all categories.


We are on our journey towards success by working hard in all aspects along with our team of teachers who are always ready and interested in making the students bright.


We believe more in Ethics and Moral Values which keeps a student as a good human being and responsible citizen other than just a student. This kind of teaching approach and personal care towards a student always keep us unique from others and helping us to be successful.


"SwarnaBharathi is in its way to be a part of creating
 Swarna Bharath"



Swarna Bharathi Educational Institutions

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